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Moscow Times: Putin Backs Olympic Wrestling

Wrestling's campaign to stay in the Olympics has won some heavyweight support — from Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Putin  |  Olympic  |  Wrestling Putin  |  Olympic  |  Wrestling

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Omaha.com: World-Herald editorial: Governors talk sense to the IOC

Thirty-two governors, including Dave Heineman of Nebraska and Terry Branstad of Iowa, are fighting the good fight in trying to talk sense into the International Olympic Committee over its inexplicable decision to yank wrestling from the Olympics starting in 2020.

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The Times of India: Haryana CM Hooda backs wrestling for Olympics

Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda is strongly advocating for the cause of retaining wrestling in the Olympics and has, through a written communication, urged Union minister of state for youth affairs and sports Jitender Singh in this regard.

Olympic  |  Wrestling Olympic  |  Wrestling

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USA Today: Wrestling officials were asleep, interim chief says

By Bryce Miller

When wrestling's Olympic fate was being weighed at the Swiss headquarters of the International Olympic Committee in February, no one from the sport's governing body was there to defend its cause.

Wrestling  |  Olympic  |  Bryce Miller Wrestling  |  Olympic  |  Bryce Miller

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Herald Sun: Squash vies against wrestling for Olympics 2020 inclusion

By Associated Press

THE head of squash's governing body says he doesn't consider wrestling a "big threat" as eight sports fight for a single place on the program of the 2020 Olympics.

Olympic Olympic

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Pine Journal: Guest View: Wrestling should remain an Olympic sport

When the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently recommended eliminating wrestling from the games starting in 2020, it struck me — and I’m sure a great many other Minnesotans — as not only a blow to Olympic tradition, but also as just plain wrong.

Wrestling  |  Olympic Wrestling  |  Olympic

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Bleacher Report: Gardner Wrestling with New Olympic Challenge


“I’d be a simple farmer in Wyoming, doing what farmers do,” was what Rulon Gardner said recently when asked about where he would have been without wrestling.

Jerry Milani  |  Olympic Jerry Milani  |  Olympic

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