Hackettstown Patch: Wrestler Hopes to 'Save the Sport' With Music

26.03.2013 | World News RSS

Hackettstown Patch: Wrestler Hopes to 'Save the Sport' With Music

For Mike Torsiello, hearing that wrestling was being removed from the 2020 Olympic Games was hard to swallow.

Fortunately for the East Hanover native and former Centenary College wrestler, Torsiello — also known as “One Mic” in the rap world — he had a national stage to have his voice heard.

The International Olympic Committee made its announcement on Feb. 14, just when Torsiello was producing his latest album, according to the Centenary College Athletic Department.

Torsiello was inspired, and just hours after the announcement was made, One Mic had penned a 3-minute and 23-second track called “Save the Sport.”

His music wouldn’t fall on deaf ears, either.

The NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships were held this past weekend and aired live on ESPN and ESPN3, and during the telecasts, “Save the Sport” was played loud and clear.

“My whole life I dreamed about wrestling on that stage, now I had my music played there, the feeling is indescribable,” Torsiello said in an interview with his alma mater. The Cyclone took to the mat from 2005 to 2008.

Torsiello said he’s received positive feedback from wrestler and 2012 Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs, as well as Olympic swimmer and 11-time medalist Ryan Lochte.

“It’s not in us to back down…we stand up,” the life-long grappler raps in his song. “It made us strong for whatever life hands us and capable of any job our future lands us.”

The song and video can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded on iTunes. Part of the download proceeds go to organizations striving to keep wrestling in the Olympics.


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