Star Ledge: Former Cyclones wrestler has ESPN moment

25.03.2013 | World News RSS

Star Ledge: Former Cyclones wrestler has ESPN moment


Former Centenary College wrestler Mike Torsiello turned hip-hop recording artist ‘One Mic’ always dreamed of wrestling on the national stage. However, despite not making it to that level, it didn’t stop ‘One Mic’ from having his music heard by the entire country.

On February 14, Valentine’s Day fittingly enough, the International Olympic Committee announced that wrestling had been cut from the 2020 Olympic Games. Torsiello, like millions of other stunned wrestling fans around the world, was at a loss for how one of the founding pillars of Olympic competition could simply be cut from the Olympics.

Confused and hurt, yet inspired, Torsiello did what he does best and turned to his music. In the middle of recording his latest album, ‘One Mic’ knew something had to be done and put his pen to paper and the song just flowed out of him. Within hours the song “Save the Sport” was born and those three minutes and 23 seconds have created quite a stir in the wrestling world.

So much of a stir that this past weekend live on ESPN and ESPN3 the former Cyclone had his song played during the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling National Championship.

“My whole life I dreamed about wrestling on that stage, now I had my music played there, the feeling is indescribable,” said Torsiello.

The song has become the collective rallying cry for wrestling fans around the world and Torsiello has been getting great feedback from many big names in wrestling such as Jordan Borroughs (2012 Olympic Gold Medalist) and Ryan Lochte (11 Olympic medal, 4 world records).

“It feels great helping raise awareness on this issue the great sport of wrestling is facing,” says Torsiello. “Hearing the support from the fans has been just great.”

Torsiello wrestled for the Cyclones from 05-08 and racked up 29 career victories for the Cyclones and the life-long grappler credits his time at Centenary with helping to form who is and how he carries himself today.

“I learned a lot of life lessons wrestling at Centenary and I carry them with me in my career now,” said Torsiello.

The song can be viewed on YouTube or downloaded on iTunes. Part of the proceeds from the iTunes downloads will go to organizations who are striving to keep wrestling in the Olympics. With the social media blitz going full force and wrestling community pulling out all the stops, this former Cyclone has ignited a fire.

As Torsiello alluded to, wrestling has shaped his life and the lives of many more. He speaks for wrestlers everywhere in his song when he says:

“It’s not in us to back down…we stand up. It made us strong for whatever life hands us and capable of any job our future lands up.”

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